Funding & Finance

The LVCVA’s primary source of revenue is through room taxes.  These room taxes are paid mostly by visitors to Southern Nevada.  The LVCVA also receives revenue from leasing the Las Vegas Convention Center and through operating the Las Vegas Monorail.  All our records and reports are open to the public and reviewable on request.

Monthly/Quarterly Reports

In addition to annual reporting, LVCVA issues frequent interim reporting that provides accounting and budgetary data for the year in progress.

Monthly Room Tax Report

Monthly room tax estimates

Quarterly Economic Reports

These quarterly reports address questions and changes in economic conditions and operations since the previous filing.

Quarterly Performance Budget & Statistical Reports

These quarterly reports detail general fund operating revenue with YoY comparisons, including room tax earnings, average daily rate, occupancy rate, average rooms occupied daily.

Annual Reporting

Our annual reporting is continually recognized and awarded on an annual basis by the highest authorities in governmental standards and financial transparency.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

For every consecutive year since 1984, the LVCVA’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report has been recognized with the Government Finance Officers Association’s prestigious Certificate of Achievement recognizing conformance with the highest standards in local government financial reporting.

Popular Annual Financial Reports (PAFR)

The Popular Annual Financial Report summarizes the LVCVA's financial activities and performance results in a format specifically designed to be readily accessible and easily understandable to the general public. It is a condensed and simplified presentation that is intended to simplify, but not to replace the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Annual Budgets

View the LVCVA’s fiscal year original budget.

Budgets in Brief

Our Budget in Brief summarizes the LVCVA's adopted budget for each fiscal year. It is a condensed version of the budget book in a concise format to make it easier to review. It is not intended to replace the budget book, but to provide a high-level overview

Budget Schedule Forms 31 & 32

These schedule forms outline the current year’s schedule of existing contracts with vendors and other third-party organizations.

Annual Indebtedness, Contemplated Debt & CIP

LVCVA’s debt reporting contains information related to our overall debt management and the ability of our organization to afford and incur future general obligation debt without exceeding debt limits.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

View our current labor contract with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Local 117.

Lobbyist Information

View all our required lobbyist registration information and reports on expenditures as required by Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS).

Funding and Finance Awards

GFOA Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting

This award recognizes PAFR’s that showcase financial transparency in report formats specifically designed to be accessible and understandable by the general public.

GFOA Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting

This prestigious award recognizes conformance with the highest standards for the preparation of state and local government financial reports. LVCVA has received it for 35 consecutive years.


Policies and Other Investor Information

Financial Management Policy (Updated Nov. 2014)

This document outlines our focus on conservative fiscal practices and prudent financial management, that allows LVCVA to adapt to fluctuations in economic conditions.

Investment Policy (Updated May 2019)

View our policy for investing prudently, in a manner that is legal, maintains the principal of the portfolio, meets operational and capital liquidity demands, and provides yields consistent with the risk profile of the investment portfolio.

Investment Agreement Form

View our investment policy agreement form required to be signed by all broker/dealers and other investment partners. 


Debt Policy (Updated July 2020)

This document sets the parameters and provides guidance to decision-makers regarding purposes for which debt may be issued, types and amounts of permissible debt, methods of sale, and structural features.

Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Agreement

View our existing municipal advisor agreement with JNA Consulting Group, LLC and Montague DeRose and Associates, LLC for advisement on municipal bonds and other municipal financial products.

Investor Presentation August 2022

View the investor presentation related to the proposed sale of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Convention Center Expansion and Renovation Bonds Series 2022B and 2022C.