Bidding & Contracts

Our award-winning procurement team oversees the posting of bid opportunities and has won widespread industry recognition for leading the way in purchasing best practices and ethical standards.

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Nevada Gov eMarketplace (NGEM)

LVCVA utilizes the Nevada Gov eMarketplace to list and award all our general bid opportunities. In order to be considered, suppliers must first register on the site and agree to all terms and conditions listed therein.

Las Vegas Convention Center District Bids (LVCCD)

The LVCCD Project is a major expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The approved plan for the expansion is being managed by the Miller Project Management, LLC as the LVCVA’s Owner Representative. Interested vendors must first complete a Supplier Registration and can view a project overview as well as the latest opportunities at the link below.


Purchasing Ethics

LVCVA adheres to stringent ethical business practices and regulatory compliance and we expect our vendors and suppliers to embrace this same commitment to integrity by training its employees on the Authority Supplier Code of Ethics.

Procurement Awards

Our procurement practices have been winning LVCVA widespread recognition for integrity and best practices for decades. Some of our most prominent awards are listed below.

NPI Achievement of Excellence in Procurement

The pinnacle achievement in agency procurement, LVCVA has been recognized annually since the award’s inception in 1995.

Outstanding Agency Accreditation Award (OA4)

LVCVA achieved the OA4 award in 2015, in recognition of agencies that lead the public procurement profession through the implementation of best practices.

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Additional Resources

LVCVA Business Guide

An overview of what we buy, laws we follow, supplier outreach initiatives, methods of ordering and more.

Regional Business Development Advisory Council

The Clark County Regional Business Development Advisory Council (RBDAC) is charged with proposing and implementing policies that promote the inclusion of local small and disadvantaged businesses in the contracting and procurement processes of public agencies.

Local EBS Certification

Certification in eBusiness Suite can reduce cost, increase performance and make better business decisions. To best leverage this comprehensive suite of integrated applications, take advantage of in-depth opportunities to be trained in it locally.

Surplus Auctions

Clark County hosts three Government Surplus Auctions per year on select Saturdays. Learn more about the auction process and how to participate at the link.