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Advocacy & Outreach

Advocay & Outreach
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The LVCVA implements ongoing proactive advocacy and outreach programs designed to extend Las Vegas' influence as a leader in tourism and hospitality.


The long-term outlook for advancing advocacy efforts includes positioning the LVCVA as the expert among key industry leaders, identifying new avenues for the distribution of messages about tourism's benefits to the community and expanding overall reach to industry partners. Tactics to be implemented include: organizing an industry wide event in Las Vegas for resort partners and other major stakeholders; creating an outreach event for members of Congress to raise awareness of the benefits of travel and tourism to the U.S. economy; formulating an LVCVA "Tourism Index" or other metric that will help position the organization as the authority among key community and industry stakeholders; and developing an "Ambassador Program" of retirees and other volunteers to promote the benefits of travel and tourism to Southern Nevada.


In addition, the LVCVA implemented the Host Committee to roll out the red carpet to many high-profile events and conventions who annually choose Las Vegas for their event destination.