Today the LVCVA Board of Directors approved a request for $10.5 million to design and implement a solar panel system on the roof of the Las Vegas Convention Center expansion, which is currently 74% complete and is on track to open in January in advance of CES. This financially and operationally viable energy solution developed by SunPower Corporation will take up between 350,000 and 400,000 square feet of rooftop space on the new 1.4 million square foot West Hall. The system will undergo further design refinement, but is expected to generate between 7.5 million and 8.4 million kilowatt hours per year, representing between 11% and 12.5% of annual consumption at the Las Vegas Convention Center campus.

The LVCVA is committed to minimizing waste and conserving natural resources. Results of additional sustainability efforts include the following:

  • The LVCVA increased its waste diversion rate from 42% in (calendar year) 2018 to 74% in (calendar year) 2019.
  • The LVCVA made enhancements in irrigation and landscaping, which has resulted in a savings of 1.9 million gallons of water so far this fiscal year (July 1, 2019 – Feb 29, 2020).
  • Operational HVAC changes have shaved 9% off peak demand energy use during CES.

Some recent photos of the expansion construction are available here.