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Mission & Purpose
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The Executive Department is responsible for the general administration of the LVCVA and is not only comprised of the offices of the President/CEO and certain Senior Vice Presidents, but also Internal Audit and Legal Counsel. Executive management meets daily with employees, hotel CEOs, community leaders, and convention association presidents to discuss any potential problems, as well as changes in the trends of the travel and convention industries.


Executive Staff


  • Rossi Ralenkotter - Chief Executive Officer
  • Steve Hill - President/COO
  • Luke Puschnig - Legal Counsel
  • Barbara Bolender - Chief People Officer
  • Cathy Tull - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ed Finger - Chief Financial Officer
  • Jacqueline Peterson - Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer
  • Terry Jicinsky - Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Chris Meyer - Vice President of Sales
  • Michael Goldsmith - Vice President of Marketing
  • Hugh Sinnock - Vice President of Customer Experience
  • Shannon Anderegg - Vice President of Finance
  • Kevin Bagger - Executive Director of the LVCVA Research Center
  • Lawrence Roney - Executive Director of Information Technology
  • Valarie Segarra - Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Ray Suppe - Executive Director of Customer Safety




Executive departments


Internal Audit


Internal Audit provides independent and objective assurance services designated to add value and improve the LVCVA's operations. It helps the organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.  




The Finance Department is comprised of Financial Resources, Accounting, Payroll, Travel, Financial Systems, Records Management, Purchasing and Materials Management activities. 


The mission of the Finance Department is to allocate the LVCVA's financial resources in accordance with applicable policies and laws, to safeguard the LVCVA's assets, and to provide accurate and timely financial information and assistance, to conduct all of our responsibilities with integrity, and to operate a customer service oriented department that contributes to the fulfillment of the LVCVA's strategic mission. The Finance Department maintains a general accounting system for the LVCVA to ensure accountability in compliance with legal provisions and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.




This section is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services in compliance with local and state regulations and internal policies. Purchasing manages contract development, negotiation, sourcing and administration of contracts. Additional responsibilities include management of the procurement card program, requisition to purchase process, monitoring of deliverables, assistance with dispute resolution, and maintenance of vendor and contractor insurance documentation. 


Legal Counsel


Legal Counsel meets with other divisions to ensure compliance with local government, state and federal laws, assists in preparation of proposed legislation, and conducts lobbying activities, acts as general counsel to the LVCVA Board of Directors, and drafts and approves legal documents (i.e. contracts, bid proposals). 


Human Resources


Human Resources is responsible for development, promotion and implementation of Authority-wide policies and procedures, along with development of various employee and service-oriented programs. This department provides advice, guidance and support to Authority-wide initiatives, issues, priorities, and goals, and is not limited to employee services, cultural diversity, and health and wellness.


Services provided include: recruitment, staffing, and employment; learning and professional development; affirmative action; employee/labor relations, collective bargaining negotiation, contract interpretation; compensation program administration, including evaluation and classification; administration of salary and benefit programs; the administration of employment terms and conditions and employee health, wellness and morale programs.



Information Technology


The Information Technology Department (ITD) functions as the LVCVA's telecommunications support element. ITD has committed to advancing the LVCVA's goals and objectives in a fiscally responsible manner through innovation, leadership and guidance while improving service quality and applying necessary technical skills. Our mission will be accomplished through the focused and dedicated efforts of the Administrative, Support Services, Systems Maintenance, Software Development and Telecommunication teams.


Responsibilities include: maintaining all LVCVA hardware, software, networks, computer and telecommunication systems; developing new support tools, automation systems, databases and applications; supporting Help Desk and telephone operations; and identifying cost-effective technology applications.


Communications and Public Affairs


Communications and Public Affairs is responsible for a broad spectrum of communication activities with a variety of stakeholders. The department oversees communications, public relations, government affairs, the Board of Directors' office, the Las Vegas News Bureau and issues management, advocacy and community outreach. The primary goal of the department is to generate positive news coverage of the Las Vegas destination both domestically and internationally. The News Bureau operates as part of the department and lends support by providing video, photography and exhibitions of current and historical events.

Public Affairs works on local, state and federal public policy issues that impact the tourism industry. Additionally the department is responsible for educating the public about the benefits tourism provides the community, both directly and indirectly. The Las Vegas Host Committee and Ambassador Program is a volunteer advisory group of local business and civic leaders that help communicate the message as well as engage the community. The Host Committee also enhances the overall competitiveness of Las Vegas by welcoming major tradeshows and other destination events.


The Communications and Public Affairs department continually implements communication plans and strategies to promote leisure and business travel to the destination. The department also develops communication programs designed to keep resort partners and employees informed of travel industry issues and LVCVA initiatives.